Monitor control after presentation

Hi, I’m looking for a solution:
the monitors are started via Wake on LAN, how can you shut down the monitor after the end of the presentation (scheduled)?

My Idea:
Xibo if at the end of the presentation indicating the logo has to be started an event or process. Then you could with programs such as “watchdog” to read out the process and shut down the monitor.

At the moment I use the Task Manager to scheduled shutdown the monitors.

Are there any other ideas?

Thanks, Marek

You could use a Shell Command to issue a shutdown?

Hi, thanks for your answer … At the moment I use the shutdown command. This command is executed at a specified time. But I would like at the end of the presentation to shut down the monitor. The length of the presentations varies daily and I do not want to constantly make changes in the task planner.


I think Dan was saying to use the Xibo “Shell Command” option in the layout designer. You could run a shell command initiated by Xibo after the presentation that would allow you to do just what you are wanting.

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Hello there, now I understand what you mean, I’ve tested it and it works!
Thanks for the solution, best regards

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