Modules in XIBO


Is there any chance to get back modules from CMS interface?
Recently reinstalled module for video threw CMS (allow wich formats mp4,wmv,mpeg etc) but it doesnt appear again in the module meny. It doesnt show up anymoore when u are creating a layout to upload videos.
I can only load up videos using “local path”.

Using CMS 3.1.1

Is there any chance to reinstall it somehow or do we need to force a backup from earlier day?

Best Regards Rille

Hi, welcome to the community!

I am unsure if you have re-installed and its not showing or you are unable to find it to reinstall.

If you have re-installed it then make sure you click to verify all modules and it is showing as enabled on the modules page.

If you have uninstalled it and it is no longer showing to reinstall then you will need to restore from a backup or a direct database edit.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you
We are trying to restore a backup and see if it works.


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