Modules documentation?


I am working on a custom extension for Xibo to manage extended data on devices, but I’m finding it hard to find any documentation on the matter.

There is some documentation on making a module for the player (such as the Weather/Google Maps integration) but I’m looking to add/replace links in the Menu and add custom links/integrations on the Device and Layouts and add additional Permissions.

Any custom integration besides modifying the ‘core Xibo’ files? I am able to change core Xibo files but I would need to merge/re-integrate those changes practically every minor version upgrade.

Thank you,

This is all we have

Essentially the flow is as follows - create some Middleware to add routes to the Slim application. Create a Theme to adjust the menu items to show those routes and then create Controllers routed via the middleware.

There is a full example on the linked page - have you had any luck with that?