Module write to dataset


I am in the process of rewriting some custom modules of mine and looking to change how they store data. Currently the modules write data they download to a local cache folder. I set it up this way because I have multiple layouts running that all download data from an API with a limited number of daily queries. My solution was to write to the local cache folder whereby I can limit redundant queries to the remote data source. My question, is there a way that a module can write directly to a dataset or does that have to be done through the Xibo API? I know Xibo can cache files internally, but I need to be able to share that data across different layouts.


If it is custom module that you integrated with Xibo already, then there should be no big issues to make it populate existing dataSet (or create a new one and populate it) - you could use dataSetFactory for that.


It is existing in my dev environment, but I will need it to create a dataset when the module installs in my production environments.