Missing translations PT-BR - 1.8

Dan, I’m creating this topic so we can see all the items I find related to the terms of the system to PR-BT in version 1.8.
I hope that in this way we can stay organized and help with the translation.

No data available in table

Thanks! the “Nothing selected” and “No data available” are interesting ones.

I’m waiting for a merge before updating the translations for the other two features you mentioned.

@laercionit - i’ve just fixed both of those and update the translations across the whole app, and pushed that into git develop (which means it will be in launchpad soon).

Hello Dan,

You want me to continue analyzing each system field in search of missing
items? OR want this to be done only after release of the stable version of
1.8? I would just like to confirm that my goal was to help to make
everything right.

Now that I have merged everything in you can continue to analyse as you were before - as far as I am aware all of the translations should be there now!


I assume that all strings are available for all languages after pushing it to git develop?

Yes the xibosigange/xibo-cms develop branch is linked with the GitHub series in Launchpad.

As development for new features gets completed (usually in my develop branch, dasgarner/xibo-cms) I extract the strings from the code and update the pot file. I then submit PR’s to pull that into develop - which then gets pulled into Launchpad.

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