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i am having an issue where i logged in to my cms today ( havent been in for a while so not sure when this started) to find that all apart from 3 of my layouts are missing , i have checked filters as suggested in another thread as well as the templates tab .
i have also restored to the oldest backup we have in veeam which was the 6th of june but it is still the same after that.

Nothing in Xibo will cause layouts to delete themselves, so it seems likely that either they were deleted or perhaps your user permissions have been changed.

2.3.0 is several patch versions old. I would suggest upgrading to 2.3.5 as a first step, and if there’s no improvement check the automatic backups Xibo takes for you to see if and of those contain your data. They’re written to the shared/backup folder each day and you should be separately backing that folder up with an archive tool regularly.

They contain a complete backup of the database which you can import by downing the containers, moving the existing shared/db to for example shared/db.old, extracting the backup and saving the sql file as shared/backup/import.sql and then upping the containers. They will import that backup for you.

hi thanks for the reply , was about to do the upgrade, but when i tried the first step on the following page before upgrade.
I noticed that i dont see any of the media in the library, and when I add media it says its uploaded but never appears in the web interface or in the folder on the server

just a quick update , i have got phpmyadmin running on the server now using the following guide

from this I am able to see that all the layouts which i am missing in the table are there . now the question I have is am I able to import this into a new server which i am setting up ( as i presume something is probably corrupt in this existing one ?



appologies to keep replying to this , but i have now made a further discovery that they are there ( if i go to to the dropdown when viewing one of the layouts i can see. but just not appearing in the list , the same with the media

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