Missing "Dataset view" module

Hello All,

I am using CMS 1.7.6, and try to follow the manual on the website, saying “add dataset view module…” to understand Dataset feature. How to add and find dataset view module on CMS 1.7.6? There is dataset module on dashboard that make data set, not dataset view module.

I guess that I am missing something else from manual.

Your support would be appreciated.


So in CMS there is Datasets page when you create them.

Then when you go to your layouts and edit a timeline of your region on your layout, on the left side there will be list of all installed modules ie

You’d want to click on Data Set there and it will open Dataset view form.

If it’s missing from there, please go to Modules page in CMS and click ‘verify all’ and also make sure that Data Set module is there and is enabled.

Hello Peter

I will look at your explanation.

Thank you for the detailed information.

Hello Peter

My dataset is below:

red 10
yellow 20
blue 30
black 40
pink 50
brown 70

which is two columns and 6 rows.

Please enter a SQL clause for how this dataset should be ordered
Please enter a SQL clause for how this dataset should be ordered

Order/Filter is blank.

Question 1: how to fill out order/Filter to change the configuration of my dataset view, if I would.
Any example would be appreciated,

Style sheet was leaved as it is.

my dataset view was displayed in assigned region, as shown in above.

Question 2: how to change and add thing inside bracket in stylesheet, There is one example for stylesheet in Manual. Do you have any reference for making various style (for example, font size and border line between row and column, etc…). I am novice for this area as well.


Examples of some filters can be found here Using DataSets to display Birthday and in the manual.

As for your case, you could filter it like, lets say you only want to display black row.

So you’d enter
ColumnName = "black"

where ColumnName is the name of your column with colours names

As for order let’s say you’d want alphabetical order, so you could put
ColumnName ASC

where ColumnName is the name of your column with colours names


As for style of it, there is an example in the link above

to change the font in the rows you can put following in the CSS field

tr.DataSetRow {

and so on, all the styling in dataset view is done via CSS.

Unless you want to learn the CSS you might want to take a look at Ticker module
There, you will be able to set the source as dataset and edit it more like traditional text in text editor, perhaps it could be easier.

Hello Peter

I appreciated for many lined resource.
Also, it sound like CSS for changing style of data set is very powerful tool. If I would like to learn CSS,
What material and reference might I look at?


You will find most required information here http://www.w3schools.com/css/

If you’d look in google for css guides or similar I’m sure there are a lot of them publicly available online.

Hello Peter

Thank you for the link.

Hello Peter

In the version 1.7.6,when clicking the ticket module, there is speed parameters, indicating that the transition speed of the selected effect in milliseconds (normal = 1000) or the Marquee speed in a low to high scale (normal = 1).
I think that default value is set to 2.
Is unit second or min?
I do not understand the description of speed. Also, how does it effect data set?


Technically yes, millisecond for other effects and second for marquee.

So when you have some effect selected, it does the animation with set speed, which you can adjust.

There is no right/wrong setting for it, you will want to experiment and see what speed looks the best for you (so it don’t scroll too fast/slow etc).

The duration of your ticker item is also important, you might want to set it something lower (in s) and tick the ‘duration per item’ checkbox.

Hello Peter

I guess that I need to spend more time to understand how it work based on DOE (design of experiment) using meeting room booking sample layout
I wish I will get it through that.