Minor errors in updated versions

Greetings Alex/Dan

I was using 2.3.6 CMS before my server crashed and I lost all data. so i started over and this time, with version 2.3.11 and there were a lot of errors:

  1. when i add / delete a file (image) from a layout, it could take 30-60 minutes before changes is seen on the player side though I have set the file collect interval to just 1 minute. but when I change the layout to a different layout for the player, it takes effect within the time collect interval (1 or 5 minutes)

  2. in the layout design, when you click on + to add a new region, instead of the new region to appear ontop of the existing region…it comes behind it making it hard to access…if you are not aware of using the layer numbering then you have to move the 1st region away. i never noticed this in versio 2.3.6

  3. cache folder is now an issue if file permission not set directly to folder

I switched back to version 2.3.9 and i had an error right at first login. I could save display settings changes but i could not save changes in the main settings area. I got an error so I quickly run back to version 2.3.8
now, using 2.3.8, other issues too.

  1. the clock (digital) dont move while the layout is in editing mode. it will show 9:09pm while current time is 9:52pm…i set duration to 60 sec and it looks like the time updates every 1 hours. from 9:09pm to 10:09pm

  2. in the RSS ticker, when you choose to have image wnd text option…i put my image on the left and text on right and i noticed the text cant start from the top line with the image, it starts from the lower end leaving a big gap above the text and the i run out of space if the article has more text. (there is not option to set a limit of text count or word count)…this issue wasnt in the version 2.3.6.

and also, when you choose to DISCARD CHANGES made to a layout, it cancels changes made and reverts back to previous and then it also sets the layout to publish state…can this be changed??..to leave layout in draft mode when i discard chages

but in terms of speed…when i add an image/ file to my layout and i publish, the changes take effect according the file collect interval time…I am going back to use version 2.3.6 for now because i like it simple. I depend more on the simple part of xibo for now

what did i miss? or any ideas on how to make the rss feed words stop at a set amount of word count? so the texts of long headline dont look half disappeared but instead cut short with … at the end

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