Minix U1 problems couldnt distinguish between 2 different MAC adresses> hardware keys

After the Minix X8H was no longer available we switched to the Minix U1, faster box
We got one a week ago all fine, the second today. Each has a different MAC adress.
Now, I allways thought/assumed that XIBO use the MAC adress to recognize a certain display.

Today I discovered on both Minix U1’s XIBO cant anymore, worse she cant even detect if the box operates on LAN or WIFI.

What I did do after an advice from Alex ,was to renew all android client versions to one.
I install these from an gmail attachtment. Assuming a particular APK has no serial in it.
Unless I am mistaken and XIBO 1.7.8 or 1.7.9 have a new trick I dont know. Or a bug discovered today in combination with the Minix U1. The U1 runs a lot hotter then previous Minixes we had/have here, X7 or X8. The U1 can be made autostart without getting in the box by a MCU software setting. So that part of the hobby can be left behind on those, clear blued led display also this time. But with this MAC problem unusable (unless you only got one of those…

Anybody about this mystery?

As Alex suggested before, read the Manual!!!
One needs to really worry about Maintenance and hardware keys.
Hardware key to be set in player settings…

We were lucky sofar avoiding that discipline.


Problem solved!

The client downloaded has a unique hardware key: you need to change that on every box if you install same apk on 12 boxes. It is not the same as the licence. You need 12 licences. They can be assigned all to same user. (Preferably and into Alex’s portal). It quite often happen you need to reflash a Minix and MAC adress gets changed and you cant re-use a license for that. so this thread goes for any android box really. Make it a habit.

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It’s a new “feature” in Android 6 that means that apps can no longer read the MAC address of the device. Android always returns a fixed string.

As you say, setting the hardware ID to be unique will resolve it. Android 6 devices won’t show up in Customer Portal with their MAC addresses (since we can’t get it) but will instead use a unique ID.

Strangely the Minix U1 are delivered with Lollipop 5.1 and have same problem. Minix boxes have good passive cooling and are vandal proof. Still had fair share of sabotage on older predecessors. So the MAC adresses are read correctly after hardware keys are different. And according to your manual should have done this from the start.
We started with Jellybean Minix X7 and a M8s on Kitkat 4.4. Slowly expanding. Anyways, needed Unique ID for the scheduler. We run different shows for different public kind at different locations. Until recent we got lazy running on a dedicated XIBO provider. We are determined to go ahead with XIBO, no better solution once you know enough.

Could we have gotten a Android 6.0 Marshmellow we would have done. Minix allways lags behind.

Newer is not always better when it comes to Android.

6.0 is still very new where STB are concerned so are more likely to be buggy still. Older versions will have had more time to work the bugs out.

Only good feature om my new mobile with 6.0 is that it can swap external memory card for being new internal memory. At least on a Moto G4.,6720,9687

It does not mean it replaces internal memory! Read the instructions before buying!

Concerning Xibo: Kitkat is still fine. Loved Kitkat really