Minix Neo Z64-a - Low Resolution

I recently decided to try a Minix Neo Z64 as our environment to this point was only windows. I succeeded to get Xibo installed, the display registered, and the layout to load, however the resolution is horrible. The Android client states is running 1920x1080, but it is not. I can switch the inputs on the display from a windows client to the android client running the same layout and it displays only 1/3 the content (due to resolution as nothing is cut off).

Any Ideas?

Does the android launcher look like its running at the correct resolution?

Can you check that in your android display settings profile (in the CMS) you don’t have a client size specified?

Thanks for the reply Dan.

The initial POST of the device displays a very detailed Intel logo, but then it boots into the Android OS and from that point everything appears quite low in resolution.

I did check the android display settings. I have not created one nor changed the default. There is nothing in the screen dimension filed. I’ll keep looking. I don’t think it’s a Xibo problem, rather the device itself. I posted here because I know the Minix devices are suggested/compatible hardware.

We are testing 2 z64’s, but they aren’t on our recommended list at the moment… that being said, we’ve not experienced the issue you are seeing either.

As you say, if the launcher is low-resolution then I think the problem is before Xibo. It sounds like its outputting at a resolution your monitor doesn’t support - it should be listed in the Display android options.

Some Android TV boxes claim that they are 1080p capable, and by default that’s only true for video playback apps, only during video playback. They play video at true 1080p as an overlay, while Android’s own GUI and apps user interface elements are displayed at lower resolution.
Xibo runs at Android UI resolution, so it will not display at 1080p correctly on such a device by default.

This was also the case with Minix Neo X7. On Minix forum there’s a patch to root the box, and also a patch to modify the Android UI resolution setting to 1080p. After this, Xibo displays well at 1080p. The patch modifies a standard Android configuration file.

Maybe you can find it there for other Minix models too.

That’s certainly true for the older Minix models. If you look at the status screen in Xibo for Android, the screen resolution shown there is the true size of the pixel buffer Xibo is being given by Android to render the content in. I believe on a Z64 that’s 1920x1080 so there should be no upscaling.

On an X5/X7 that size is 1280x720 by default (unless you apply Minix’s 1080p firmware)