Migration from 3.3.7 directly to 4.0.6

Hi Display Friends,

is it possible to install a new version of Docker an Xibo 4.0.6, and migrate the contents, displays, etc., from a previous version like 3.3.7?
Thanks, Mark

yes that’s possible.
If you mean migration from an old linux with xibo 3.3 to a new server with 4.x yes you can. Best way would be upgrading old server then copy files to new one.

Hello Cedric,
In my experience it is not easily possible. The layout structure in 4.x has completely changed with the omission of regions. My attempts to upgrade from 3.x to 4.x only brought problems. Everything amounts to a complete rebuild. And - what do you mean by copying new files?

Thank, but can you explain a bit more in detail the way.

Happy new Year all!

Yours Mark

yes same experience, until 3.3.7 every upgrade works easily.

Yours MArk

You can upgrade 3.3.7 directly to 4.0.6 by following the normal procedure with a Docker install.

We recommend taking a backup of your shared folder first, so that you can rollback easily if the upgrade doesn’t go smoothly, or if there are things in v4 you’d like to report for improvement before committing to an upgrade.

We think we have most of the upgrade bugs fixed now - except for the clock widget if you use that (digital clocks sometimes revert to analogue ones).

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Thank you Dan, I will try. Yours MArk

Thanks Dan, yes this was the solution. The upgrade from 3.3.7 to 4.0.0 did not work but directly to 4.0.6 worked. Thanks so much. Yours MArk

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