Migrating Xibo 1.7.9 to new server

Hi Guys,

I’m hoping someone can give me a hand. I have done this before, but i am drawing a blank, probably due to some issues in my personal life preventing me from clear thought.

I am migrating 1.7.9 from a Windows Svr 2008 machine to a Windows Svr 2019 machine. (I will be upgrading at a later date to a newer version)

I have followed the instructions and i have xibo CMS setup and running on the new server. I used the export/import tools in the CMS to copy the database over. I have also copied all files over such as library and settings file, but in the new CMS, all it is listing is the displays. It isnt listing the library data, users or layouts for example.

I feel there is something i am missing, but i cannot see what.

If someone could help me get this over the line i would be extremely grateful


Kev B

I would suggest you use mysqldump to export the database and then import the database directly using the mysql command. We removed the tools in the CMS itself in later versions as it wasn’t reliable.

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