Migrating v. 1.6.4 content to 2.1.1 cloud

Is it possible to migrate content from an on-premise instance of Xibo v. 1.6.4 directly to v. 2.1.1 cloud instance? Or would we have better luck migrating it to 1.7.10? We’re attempting the free trial cloud hosting.

David Levine

Welcome to the Xibo Community!

We do not support direct upgrades but we can certainly assist you with the migration to a cloud account.

We would suggest that you demo the version you would like to upgrade to, to make sure you are happy with it. Then we would get you to order a 1.7.10 CMS and initially import into that and upgrade to your chosen version from there.

If this is something that is of interest to you or you have further questions regarding our Cloud hosting services then please do reach out to our sales team at sales@xibosigange.com who would be happy to talk you through your options.

Thank you

Hi Natasha,

Thanks so much for your response. When you say you do not support direct upgrades, do you mean to an on-premise installation? I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

We would like to try the cloud account, but have some budgetary restriction. Is there any cost difference between on on-premise implimentation with our own CMS server versus Xibo hosting in the cloud? We have 7 signage screens consisting of large TV monitors and Shuttle mini-PCs which we’ll be upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 as part of this migration process.

Thanks so much,
David Levine

So we do not support upgrading from a 1.6 version directly to a version 2.0 CMS. Instead it would need to be upgraded to a 1.7 then to a 1.8 then 2.0. Upgrading the CMS is further explained here: Upgrading the CMS

Xibo in the Cloud hosting is calculated per display slot, for 7 display slots your annual cost would be £100.80 +VAT. Each display slot comes with 500MB of library storage and 2GB of monthly bandwidth. We would manage everything to get your CMS up and running as well as ongoing free support regarding your CMS from our helpdesk team.

For further information regarding hosting please see here.

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Hi Natasha,

Thanks again for the additional detail. Can you please tell me what is the cost of an on-premise implementation of the CMS? Same number of signage screens: 7

You would need to provide a suitable server to migrate, so that we can install on with Docker and so would need to take these details from you before calculating what this cost would be.Do email our sales team sales@xibosignage.com who will be happy to assist you further.

Kind regards

Thanks so much for your guidance Natasha. I will contact the sales team.