Migrate Xibo to new Server

Hi, I have a xibo 1.8.2 with docker in Ubuntu 16.04 (working ok) and I need migrate all infomation to new server, In the new server right now is install xibo and docker, only I need all CMS data. Somebody could help me what to do ?



start by backing up your old SQL and moving it to the new server. then copy the media files over.

So, the instruction are:
1.-Dumping database (old server)
2.-Restore database (new server)
3.-cd /opt cp -rp xibo xibo-1.8.0-backup (old server)
4.-cd /opt cp -rp cp -rp xibo xibo-1.8.0-backup (new server)


pretty much. might want to also bring over your apache config file to make sure all is well.
do a chown to apache on xibo directory after transfer as well as media

might want to make a check list of the requirements first.
i actually have the whole thing on a thumb drive. running xamp and have cloned it to 3 or 4 computers with minimal setup.