Migrate data from a non-functioning CMS running on ubuntu/docker

To be completed by the original poster:

CMS Version

believed to be 2.2.0

Installation Method


Operating System

Ubuntu 16.07


After rebooting our CMS server, there’s no HTTP response anymore from the cms. Since this was related to a forced shutdown, we believe something must have gotten corrupt on the OS level (one being boot partition being full, all commands to clear it up are failing…)
The system is running: we can login command line, and execute commands…

Is there anyhing I can do to either verify why XIBO cms is not starting and/or get it running again, or a way to get crucial datafiles from that machine, so I can import/copy it to a new build?

I only have eary basic Linux skills (and no docker knowledge whatsoever …). I’ve installed the server quite some time ago following the standard guidelines to the letter…

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