Media Start and End Date


A good feature for development would be to put a start and end date on media.

I.e When you add an image to a layout you can choose when to start and expire content from the layout based on date/time. This would save creating lots of individual campaigns/layouts.

We have a large number of individual (1 screen) campaigns that are all timed differently and it’s very time consuming to keep creating layouts an campaigns for them all we currently sit at around 200 layouts, and these are all administered by 1 person.



I think this topic should interest you :smile:

Edit: Please not that it should also be possible to retire widgets (and unretire)

I have a user asking for this type of feature as well. The best solutions I have come up with (until Playlists are developed :slight_smile: ) are:

  1. remember to unassign and retire the media on the appropriate date
  2. schedule the layout to end, duplicate the layout, prune it of the stale media, and schedule it to start at the same time the other ends

Have you come up with any other solutions?