Media not showing in CMS

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CMS Version

3.0.3 running on Server 2019 (virtual) IIS - local mysql database


Hi All,

I have recently done a new install on 3.0.3 and no media is showing up in the CMS after uploading it.
Most of the uploads I have done direct from the layout designer, and when, for example, choosing a background image, all the media shows in the drop down list. But when licking on media from the left hand menu, the list comes back empty (even though its not as all media has been downloaded to the clients fine)

Thanks in advance for any help you provide

I ran into this exact issue as well after following the online IIS installation guide. I found someone else posed to update the Request filtering Maximum Query String to 8192 and this fixed my issue.

Default Web Site-> Request Filtering - Maximum Query String (Bytes) to 8192


Thanks JoeBob - that seems to have fixed it, I can update media again!


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