Media library placement upon installation


I’m trying to install Xibo on a webspace - this should not be a problem, or can Xibo only be installed locally on a local webserver?

If a webserver (ftp) is not a problem, here is the actual question :slight_smile:

After creating the admin username and password it asks for a library directory to place the media i upload.
Where is this directory need to be placed? Can you give me an example?


hi erlandsens

media library can be locate where you want.
you create a directory for example in
best practice is to put folder out of root apache directory


Hi Whynotlinux,

I’m unfortunately not 100% tech/database minded, so i need just a bit more explanation :smile:

If i have the Xibo installation on ex. what will be the exact address for the media library?
Still not sure what /my_storage/xibo_media refers to… is this an online folder on my webserver or a local storage?


Hi @erlandsens,

When you have a web space you will typically have a few folders in there, and only 1 of them is what we call “web serveable”. This means that when you visit your web space is looking inside a folder on your host and serving the files contained inside it. The folder is usually called www or web or htdocs or public_html - it really depends on your web space.

We recommend that your library is not inside that folder because you don’t want visitors to be able to go to

Therefore we recommend that your library is outside the web serveable folder - normally one folder up. This really depends on your web space.

I have no folders on my web service at that are not public.

If i look past this issue with the files folder being accessible, i’ve created a folder and a subfolder for this library. Let’s call it

The folders are fully accessible to read/write, but the Xibo installation gives me the error that it could not create the folder for the library location.

It wants me to make sure that it has permission to create the folder or have me to create the folder manually with read/write access. This is done… but no luck on getting past this.

You really really don’t want to do that - we strongly recommend finding a better host.

What do you have as your library location? if you are set on doing this you can use a relative path files/