Media Library causes high CPU load and DB Connection errors

i’m running Xibo 3.3.8 on a Docker Compose Environment on a Cloud Server (VM). We realized, that the media library page is extremely slow to load. We do not have very much media (currently 121 Files), but we make use of the “expires in” feature, so our current media items have ids 550+.

Just browsing to the “library” page in the cms causes an extremely high CPU load, and a lot of processes

/usr/sbin/httpd -DFOREGROUND

are spawning (see screenshot). The load stays high for around 10 seconds to about a minute, so i think theres definetly something wrong.
Additionally, i saw in the db container logs, that there are a lot of connection errors when loading the media library page. The cms seems to establish too much connections i think?

For more information, see the added screenshots, i added some graphs of the server info, i wondered also about the high Network- and Drive Traffic just for loading the media page, which should just load only the thumbnails? You can perfectly see when someone’s browsing to the library page on the high cpu peaks. And why does the cms write data on the drive when browsing the library?

The last Maintenance task took 2 seconds and was running without an error.

Does anybody have a clue whats going on here?

Does anybody else have this behavior or was able to investigate this?

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