Media item Volume level

Hi Guys,
Do we have any possibilities of controlling the volume level of video content?
We currently have only “MUTE”
How about increasing and decreasing the volume level of video or audio files?


It is not currently possible to control the volume of videos, however you can add audio files to your Widgets and control the volume.

Below I have attached the guide for Audio, which will show you how to add and manage audio:

Many Thanks.

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Thanks Dan!
That is too bad because i see controlling the volume of the video files very important which IMO should be implemented as soon as possible.

I appreciate your feedback. There is no need to create a Feature request as this option has already been discussed with the Development team, who will consider it for the future. Any updates will be posted on our Blog.

Many Thanks.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

does’nt make sense if your videos are made from different source with different volume levels…you ,ight as well use TV’s volume along with any auto volume control software or use a software to level all your video volumes…and also i hope you signage screen only play video and no image ads to cause a silence and then an unaware sounds in public places

most youtube videos have loud volumes, others have very love…use your own way type of video to avoid abnormal audio levels …you wouldn’t like your tv at home if volume levels was different as you go from one channel to the other…forcing you to keep a finger on your remote to adjust volume every now and then

xibo team will have to implement an AUTO VOLUME control in your case

It perfectly does make sense.
With the volume control, you control the system audio level, which means, no matter how your video is made and what the audio level is, once you set the level in CMS, player will adjust it accordingly.