Media directory

I’m looking at an older Xibo 1.8.12 install on Ubunto 18.04.02 LTS (Bionic Beaver).

I thought I’d start by upgrading, and the instructions ask me to check in shared/cms/library which is in /opt/xibo/xibo-docker-1.8.12/shared/cms/library. Is that a safe directory and shall I just proceed with the instructions here:


If you upload something new in to the CMS, you should see a file with that media ID appear in that directory.

If you do, then that’s the correct directory.

The warning there is mainly targeted at Windows installs where it’s not uncommon for the volume mounts to break and proceeding in that case could lead to data loss. It’s still a good idea to check on Linux though - so you know you’re backing up the correct directory (with the containers stopped) before you start.

Thanks, I see the files so it looks good.



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