Media Codex Audio Renderer Error

I’m getting the following error on with Android player and CMS in the cloud. Is this error related to the Xibo Android player software or is it related to issues at the physical device (Minix)?

Cannot display video. Uri=file:///data/user/0/ Error=MediaCodecAudioRenderer error, index=1, format=Format(2, null, null, audio/mp4a-latm, mp4a.40.2, -1, und, [-1, -1, -1.0], [2, 96000]), format_supported=NO_EXCEEDS_CAPABILITIES. Underlying Error=Decoder failed:

Could you open a ticket so that we can take a closer look for you.

Thank you

Xibo support was able to point to the sample rate of 96kHz as the culprit. Apparently, Android players have a limit of 48kHz. After transcoding to 48kHz, the MP4 file is playing correctly without resulting in the above issue.

Thanks Xibo team for the quick response!

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