Max. Characters Data Set

I’m using a Data Set to display random tips on my player. I have already did this before.

Now, in this new data set, some of the strings are longer than the permitted. Where can I change this limit? It needs to be done directly on the data base?

Yes it will do i’m afraid…

In 1.7 that would be in datasetdata, Value column.

In 1.8 that would be a code change, so its a bit harder :confounded: - although its a VARCHAR(1000) in 1.8, which might be bit enough?

Well… 1000 would be enough. heheh

But I’m using 1.7.5.

Changing the length of the field wouldn’t cause any issue?

Yes that will be fine - if you stick to below 1000 (or pick 1000) the upgrade to 1.8 will work in the future too