Mass windows deployment?

We’re considering an on premise, mass roll out of Xibo on our Windows systems.

We have around 400 PC’s

PC’s are all AD/Azure and SCCM enabled.

We have Autologins and stuff sorted.

What I can’t see is, how can i deploy the windows SCCM silently and have the players auto join our CMS?

We can’t go around doing codes on every screen

Hello and welcome to the Community!

You can deploy the Xibo Player MSI silently but you will need to ensure that the Visual C++ runtime and the WebView2 runtime are installed before Xibo is installed.

Once installed you could generate a Player configuration file and put that in the correct place in the user profile. It would need to be unique for each device so you would have to have some kind of script to generate that. When the Player launches it will register with the CMS.

Thanks for the reply. Is there any information on the player config file and what needs to be unique?

We don’t have any documentation as we don’t suggest directly editing that file.
You need to only set the CMS URL and CMS Key and leave the hardware key empty as that will be generated on the first run.
Its best to configure a Player using the UI and then copy just the CMS URL and Key fields into a new config file.

Hey GB12,

I’m in a similar situation I found a way to hard code the details into the installer, you can find the post here:

Are you currently using Intune to deploy everything? If so, do you mind me asking how you did your autologins and such?

Would be great if it was possible to auto configure and setup the Xbox Screensaver. Being able to use this to get information out to staff and pupils would be Amazing.

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