Marquee up - starting with full text view?

Hi there,

is it possible to show a region filled with text (fit from start) and then starting to marquee up the rest of the text? When using “marquee up” the whole region is empty on start and the text starts showing up from bottom.

But this looks strange with a large region. Thanks.

It isn’t possible no at the moment.

I’ve moved your question in to the Features section so it is considered for inclusion at a later date.

Any idea how I can achieve kind of displaying text like this by a workaround?

Which time I have to set for the text being shown one time completely? Does the marquee not show one loop automatically?

Hi Alex,

I found a solution: In the javascript field one has to enter this:

var css = document.createElement("style");
css.type = "text/css";

css.innerHTML = ".item { margin-top: -800px; }";


-800px has to be altered to the position, where the text at start should be placed. It has to be a negative value. Works fine.

Thank you for your feedback on this issue - we’re looking at replacing the marquee module in 1.8.8 with another one that might support this feature out of the box.

Of course it would have to be an option as some users might not want the new behaviour.

Issue here:

Sounds great, thank you!