Mapping from function authorization management on pages to features

I returned to xibo after 2.5 years!

I noticed that this control structure has changed in the process of upgrading from cms 2.3.3 to 3.3.5, so I share this information for developers. Please comment if you notice anything else!

2.x系列 Page ID 2.x系列機能 3.x系列機能
1 Icon Dashboard N/A
2 Schedule schedule.view, schedule.add, schedule.modify,, report.scheduling
3 Media Dashboard
4 Layout layout.view, layout.add, layout.modify, layout.export
5 Library library.view, library.add, library.modify
6 Displays displays.view, displays.add, displays.modify
7 Update N/A
8 Administration N/A
9 User Groups usergroup.view, usergroup.modify
10 Log log.view
11 Users users.view, users.add, users.modify, user.profile, user.sharing
12 Licence N/A
13 Home N/A
14 Modules module.view
15 Templates template.view, template.add, template.modify
16 Report Fault fault.view
17 Statistics N/A
18 Manual help.view
19 Resolutions resolution.view, resolution.add, resolution.modify
20 Help Links help.view
21 Clock N/A
22 Display Groups displaygroup.view, displaygroup.add, displaygroup.modify
23 Applications application.view
24 DataSets dataset.view, dataset.add, dataset.modify,
25 Campaigns campaign.view, campaign.add, campaign.modify, ad.campaign
26 Transitions transition.view
27 Sessions session.view
28 Preview N/A
29 Status Dashboard dashboard.status
30 Display Profiles displayprofile.view, displayprofile.add, displayprofile.modify
31 Audit Trail auditlog.view
32 Regions N/A
33 Playlist playlist.view, playlist.add, playlist.modify, dashboard.playlist
34 Maintenance N/A
35 Commands command.view
36 Notifications notification.centre, notification.add, notification.modify
37 Notification Drawer drawer
38 Dayparting daypart.view, daypart.add, daypart.modify
39 Tasks task.view
40 Player Software playersoftware.view
41 Schedule Now
42 Report report.saving
43 Playlist Dashboard dashboard.playlist

Welcome back ken - thanks for this.

Am I right that you’re mapping old page IDs to the new feature IDs?

It’s been a while, Dan.:blush:
That’s right.

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