Many Ubuntu xibo-players suddenly fails

Hi, this is the first time with the issue with the Xibo.
CMS: 2.3.5, client xibo-player on Ubuntu 18.04

Suddenly 6 xibo-players stopped to work just with the following:

Player exited with code 11

I’ve tried to reinstall Ubuntu (both 18.04, 20:xx), reinstall the player but no luck.
Maybe it came some update to Ubuntu which resulted in this error.


Welcome to the community.

To better understand what has happened we need further information such as the version of Player you are using, what content type is on your Layouts, are all your Players showing the same content?
Are there any errors in the logs section of your CMS for each of your Players?

Did you update Ubuntu after the reinstall with sudo apt-get update ?

Hi, thanks for willing to help, Natasha.
I’ve tried to different versions of channels, from beta, over stable to edge.
Yes, all players shows same content, some working and some of them not.
CMS: 2.35
Nothing in log, players got authiorized but after start - same results…
Tried even with the version 16 of Ubuntu but no luck.
After player starts there is some short traffic between CMS and player (i catch it with the wireshark).


Hi again,
i don’t know how but it turns out that all of those players failed because one invalid slide which was schedulled on them.
After i correct that slide all of them started to work normally.
We can close this case.

If you’re happy to provide an export of that slide (Layout) then we can investigate why that causes such a serious crash and try to handle that more gracefully.

Hi, i can do that offcourse but now that slide have Valid status. All i did is i opened that slide in editor (Checkout) and just Publish again because it seems OK for me…then it got Valid status. In addition i had to empty XIBO-LIBRARY folder on clients in order to xibo-player starts again.
Now, another issue now with CMS but i can try to fix it:
when i tried to run export of that slide or any other i got just blank screen with this URL in address bar:


Understood - we will have to wait and see if the problem happens again. If it does, then you could start the xibo-player from the console and see if there are any crash errors reported.

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