Many spinning gears (v1.7.4, add layout, save)

Using a fresh install of v1.7.4.
Log into the CMS web interface as a user.
Navigate to Design - Layouts.
Click Add Layout.
Enter a Name, such as “test”.
Enter a Tag that includes an ampersand, such as "red & white"
Click Save. A spinning gear appears next to “save”.
Get impatient, so click Save again. Another spinning gear appears, so now there are two of them next to “save”.
Get curious. Click Save a few more times. Wow, look at all those spinning gears next to “save”.

From the above it appears there are two bugs.
(1) if ampersands are not supported in the Tag field, there should be a message warning the user of this. Or, if ampersands are supported in the Tag field, then that code is broken.
(2) the Save button can be clicked multiple times.


Yes, you should avoid using special characters in names
Yes, we probably should have this information on the form.

so If you’d name your layout red and white it will save without problems.

The best news - it will be fixed in 1.7.5 (and 1.8)



Ampersands work properly in the Name and Description fields. It’s in Tags field that they don’t work.

Best regards

Ah, yes sorry, I admit I didn’t read it carefully enough :smile:

We are actually in the process of fixing some tags related bugs.
the ‘&’ etc characters are working fine anywhere in 1.8, not yet in 1,7,5 but we will look into it

For now in 1.7.4 please try to not use them too much