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HI, How you are?

I need help to update from CMS 2.3.7 to 2.3.11

In the manual:

Which explains how to update Xibo, it is said to perform the following procedure:

open to terminal
cd into your installation folder
run vendor/bin/phinx migrate -c phinx.php

How do I perform this procedure in a manual installation?
In my case, on a hostgator cpanel?
(I know it’s not indicated, but work fine to me for my home tests).

Before, I just copied the new files, keeping the media folder and the settings file, and the xibo performed the update.

But now I see this instruction and I don’t know exactly how to execute this part of update for manual installation of “WAMP/IIS” zip version.


CMS 1.8 to 2 version upgrade step by step

This article will apply to you.
But if you tell me what the operating system is before. It would also be helpful if you could tell whether you are using Apache, iis or nginx. It actually doesn’t change much. just follow the instructions. I can help you faster if you explain where you are stuck.

Hey, @talipcakir thanks for you reply.

See, my doubt is about: 2.3.7 > 2.3.11
Your link is about: 1.8 > 2

In my post, I explained my doubt.
In the part, Before and But now

I want to know, what exactly is to do in this part of the instructions:

open to terminal
cd into your installation folder
run vendor/bin/phinx migrate -c phinx.php

I’m not using windows, or linux, my installation is on Hostgator. on a shared hosting.

I would be very happy if you could read my question again, and check the link I posted, to understand my question.

Can someone from the team explain how to act in this situation?
@dan @natasha ?

You need to have a shell on the server to do the upgrade. Once you have that, do what the instructions say to do.

You’d have to ask Hostgator if that’s even possible with their shared hosting. In general, we’ve said now for a long time that shared hosting isn’t suitable for Xibo. Not only will you have these kinds of issues, but you also need to be able to run long-running PHP command line applications (XMR and XTR) for the CMS to function properly.

Now it’s self explanatory. You installed with hosting.
Hostgator hosting system works with cpanel.
If you have an SSH connection with the privileges given to you, you can perform commands with it.
As commands;

/home/user_name/phpXX/php /home/user_name/xibo_dir/vendor/bin/phinx migrate -c /home/user_name/xibo_dir/phinx.php

You will have to write something like
If you don’t have SSH authorization.
You can do something like this. You schedule this code from the CRON jobs area. You get it running once and have the Xibo updated. If you encounter an error, it will be easy to restore with the backup you will take. You can also check for errors by checking them in the errors tab.
Even try to upgrade with an additional subdomain if you ask me. Then change the Xibo CMS subdomains.
It will be healthier.

I did a trial on my own hosting system for you. I am using cpanel. And so on I only have low privileges.
I installed xibo 2.3.7 version. I then installed 2.3.11. I copied the settings.php file. I changed the names of the folders. And the system worked without even having to enter a command.

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