Management Console for Players

I would like to see some sort of management console on the CMS so that the players can be managed more effectively, especially on Android (rooted).
Features like VNC (or similar) access to the players and even a remote reboot would be very useful features. If you had the ability to push license configurations to the players as well, that would be great.

Our current implementation we have close to 50 Android players, and it would be really nice to have more control over the players. As it is currently, our players are not POE, so any time we need to reboot, we have to physically access the device. This is fine, except the displays are about 20 feet in the air, which makes it a chore to get to the players. As you can imagine, having other remote capabilities would be nice too. We are currently looking for a hardware solution to the reboot/ POE issue.

Another frustration came when we were getting our licensing setup on the devices. We rolled out the solution for management to then decide whether or not they wanted to purchase the licensing or scrap the project. It was a pain to have to climb up to each player and manually enter the license info. If there was a good way to remotely push that config, that would have been great. This is where VNC would have been nice as a intermediate solution.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Xibo is never going to support remote controlling devices in my opinion. There are lots of options out there for that already. Our suggestion is TeamViewer.

All your other points are already possible. Licence address information can be added to the Display Settings Profile (edit your Android default display settings profile in the CMS, or each of your Android profiles if you have multiple and enter your licence details there). That is automatically pushed to the Player.

Reboot is also possible. You simply need to define a reboot command in the system, and enter in to the display settings profile a suitable command to reboot your particular Android device. That can then be run on demand (assuming you have XMR enabled), or on a schedule as required.

The commands to try, in order are:

svc power reboot
am start -a android.intent.action.ACTION_REQUEST_REBOOT
setprop sys.powerctl reboot

To define the command, first create a command in the Commands section called for example Reboot, and then edit the Display Settings Profile for your Android devices, and define the command to be run when that command is executed there. Once defined, you’ll need to allow the Players time to collect that new information before they can be tested.