Manage Layouts easy


If you want to add a default layout to your display, you need to go to, and use properties of the display and set the layout. You can’t see what scheduled layouts have this display.

User Story

It’s better to manage running layouts that are already scheduled from this menu of every display.

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I am not sure I follow what you are requesting? The Default Layout is assigned (not scheduled) to Displays so in the event you have nothing to show in the Schedule or there is an issue preventing a Layout being shown, the assigned Default Layout will be shown on Displays instead.

Layouts that have been scheduled are managed and viewed from the Schedule page. You can enter a Display/Display Group in the top field to see what has been scheduled for particular displays.

Natasha, I’m thinking of a room and wardrobe and I want to get dressed in that room.
It’s not OK if I get only my sweater, pants, sooks - and I put it all on me… and for the underwater, I need to go to another room - get undress, and then undress first with underwear, socks, pants, a sweater.

If can I manage all from one place, or maybe I need to see only what it’s on that display scheduled. To have a whole picture.

The Displays page is for the administration and configuration of Displays, including assigning a Default Layout for your Display. Scheduling is a separate process.

The Default Layout that is assigned to Displays will not change until you select a different Layout to use as a Default, it is not scheduled and is only used as a ‘back up’ for the Display should something prevent a Layout being shown from the schedule or nothing in the schedule for that Display. You can edit the existing Default Layout that ships with Xibo or create your own, which we advise to keep simple (image / text).

The Schedule page is where you manage all scheduling for all displays. There are available filters to view schedules by day / month / year by particular Displays / Display Groups.

There is also an Agenda View which allows you to see a precise representation of Layouts / Campaigns that will be shown on a selected Display at a point in time, using the slider.

So once you have configured your Displays and assigned the Default Layout, you would then manage and view all schedules from the Schedule page in the CMS.