Maintenance Email not working on Debian Server

So I’ve configured the CMS for email I’ve followed the instructions to run maintenance with crontab. I can send an email using mutt but I don’t get any emails from the CMS. Does anyone know a way to diagnose this?
I’m using CMS 1.7.4


I am now receiving emails when the player reconnects but not when the player is turned off altogether or when the computer is shutdown.

There’s been several threads about this before. Have you had a look at those and worked through the troubleshooting therein?

I only found 1 and they were using a Windows Server for the CMS. I wish I had installed this on Windows as running a scheduled task is much easier than trying to schedule something with crontab.
I did still look at the troubleshooting tips in the one I could find but so far nothing has helped.

Ok so what have you done and how have you set it up?

Does it work if you call the maintenance script directly from a browser? If so perhaps call the script via wget or lynx rather than via php cli directly - assuming that’s what you’re doing already

Hi Alex

Sorry to bother you with this after a little help from our Linux expert we discovered the problem was due to my use of cap Xibo and not xibo in the wget line.

I added wget -q -O /dev/null
And should have added wget -q -O /dev/null

To the crontab after making that change it’s working just fine.

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Glad you figured it out