Low bandwidth setting running client over mobile 3G network


I have several windows client running over 3G mobile network. There are some video clips and text (they are seldom update) and RSS feed. Update of video and text is scheduled twice daily. RSS update hourly. The bandwidth consumed is over 4Gbit daily per client.

May I know how to configure CMS and client to minimize bandwidth requirement?

Many thanks!

The Player will only ever download the minimum it needs to function.

So it will download the videos once and then never download them again so long as they are scheduled.

I’ve seen a few cases recently where the Windows Player thinks that it should clean up files from it’s local library that are still in use. We’re collecting information on that issue to fully understand it.

What you could try to see if this issue is affecting you is to turn off deleting old media from the Player library. To do so, find the Player configuration file inside your %appdata% folder (eg c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Xibo…). The configuration file is called xiboclient.config.xml.

Inside that, find the line


and change it to


See if doing that reduces the Player bandwidth usage.

After this change and run for above 2 days, it still used about 4Gb data sending out and 2Gb receiving data. Any additional way I can reduce this traffic as I only have live RSS data and weather forecast (all update every 3 hours) . All others is static without any change…thanks!

Does the CMS show the same amount of bandwidth used as you’re saying there? It keeps a log for each Player.

I’m struggling to think what could be sending 4 gigabytes of data from the Player to the CMS. The only thing it sends back are logs and statistics which are tiny normally.

I wonder if something else on the device is using that bandwidth?

Hi Alex,

The xibo client is connected to a router where only this xibo client is running. All traffic is generated from this xibo client.

I have now removed all video clips (no update needed actually) and now only live rss + weather forecast. I will observe few more days…thanks!

I appreciate the bandwidth is coming from that computer, but what I mean is could it be something else on that computer - for example Windows downloading updates in the background?

The Xibo CMS tracks what bandwidth is used by each Player attached to it. What does it show for that Player?