Lost library list

I have Xibo CMS 3.1.2 on bedian 9
(upgraded from 2.3.7 2 weeks ago)

I saw some problems about ownership of library folder.
It was on the root of debian. I readed about move it inside web folder.
I copy the folder and paste inside web folder

I Changed the path inside xibo, and now the library list is empty. But every medias are always here.
I tried to clear every cash, but nothing…

Do you have an idea?
thank you

Files are on 0644 and folder are on 0755 ownership.

I can’t updload media now, it says fordibben :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve just tried to put a new installation
Copy old database from 3.1.2 to 3.1.2
copy theme and change seetings.

it works now…
If you know what is th bug…
thank you

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