Looping Regions


I created a layout with 3 Regions. There is only 1 timeline per region. I selected “Loop” for all 3 regions but doesn’t seem to be working.
The regions consist of RSS, Clock and Video.
Am I missing something? This is on an Android device.

I looked at > Loop does not work for any layout but doesn’t really tell me how to fix it.

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Can you describe what is happening vs what you want to happen?

I would have thought you wanted the RSS/Clock region not to loop and the video to loop?

Sorry maybe I’m getting confused on how that works.

I just wanted each region to just play without refreshing I thought that’s what the Loop meant.
The Video is a live feed.
I have each timeline set to 10 but checked off Loop on all 3. Every 10 seconds that screen refreshes. Is there a way to stop that? I know I could up the seconds but still will eventually refresh.

Example: If I only had just 1 region in the layout of an image of an ad, how do I stop it from refreshing after the duration?

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Ok did some more testing. I removed the loop from RSS and Clock now they don’t refresh.
I’m guessing the duration only matters if there are multiple timelines and Loop is for local video that you want to Loop.

I left the Loop on the live video feed and it still refreshes after the duration, so I tried removing the Loop and it still refreshes after the duration. Is there something that I have to do for Live Feeds?


Hi John

If the video is the longest running region then it will refresh at the end of it regardless of the loop parameter. When the longest running region on the layout completes, then the whole layout will reload - regardless of any loop settings.


Ok, so when it’s a live video feed that doesn’t end but still refreshes after the duration should it do that, or is that a bug?

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Xibo doesn’t know that the video doesn’t end. It will just show it for the duration you specified when you added it to the region. That’s how it works. It’s not a bug.

Ah got it.
In future updates could you make the duration optional for live video?


No, because all regions must have a duration, otherwise the layout would never finish and you’d never be able to show a different layout

Oh I see what you mean.

That’s great thanks…

You could make your duration much longer (like 86400 seconds) - it would then only refresh once a day. However you would need to be more aware of scheduling that layout as if you ever did have 2 layouts scheduled at once the other one would only show once a day.

Arguably it wouldn’t be too difficult to say “don’t ever expire a layout if it is the only layout in the schedule” - but it makes the behaviour more difficult to understand and explain.

Thanks Dan,

I did set it to 864000000 “10,000 days” lol just to see what was acceptable.
I understand what you mean about the layouts.
Maybe something to think about with Live Feeds because you wouldn’t really want them to refresh if it’s the only region or layout. But setting the duration to a higher amount kinda fixes that issue unless there is scheduling involved.

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:laughing: 10,000 days ought to do it!

It can turn into a bit of a balancing act - for example some people rely on the layout refresh to update their external webpages.

I agree with you though - the layout refresh is an often misunderstood “feature” of how Xibo works. (but only when there is 1 layout!)

Ya I see what you mean.

Thanks for the help…

Love this software!!! :smile:

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I still seem to be having issue with the screen refreshing every 10 seconds. Only regions I have are “Flip Clock” and “RSS”.
Loop isn’t checked for either one. Is there another setting that maybe causing this?


What durations have you got on each region?

It could well be that if the stream has failed to load because it’s not available then the client has blacklisted it. The client status screen would tell you. There’s an option to disable blacklisting videos in the client settings which may be useful if the feed is unreliable

Hey Alex,

I have the duration for each region to 10. I don’t see it blacklisted. I also disabled blacklisting videos.

I am seeing “Memory Alert Message: 11 Memory Notifications. Current level=15 at Total:384 used:9 Device Total: 9 Device Free 0.”


If they’re all set to 10 then it’s doing exactly what you’ve asked it to?

Each region will play for 10 seconds, at which point the layout is complete and will be disposed. Then assuming it’s the only layout currently being shown it will start up again.

Ok, I thought if there were no other timelines in that regions or other layouts it would just be continuous without refreshing.

What are the Memory Alerts referring too?


No John. As I explained all layouts must have a duration so the Player knows when they finish. As Dan said, if you want less refreshing increase the duration of your live stream region.

The memory alert means that Android is asking us to free memory but we’re only using 9MB which suggests that there’s other things running on your device competing for the resources. If it’s not causing a problem then there’s nothing to worry about but ideally you should uninstall or stop running anything that isn’t required on the device.