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Hey dear members,

i am honest: I didn`t read the rules here :confused:
We are running XIBO now and our service-provider set up the CMS under a custom-url and prepared some FireTV-sticks for some displays here. But this is not their main-business and my feeling is, that there is no “XIBO-Pro” available there (but in their other fields they are pretty good with server & communication).

However: I was just asking myself if here is any kind of “freelancer for hire” who can set up campaigns for us and periodically maintain/optimize them.

If yes: Please just let me know (are PMs here available). If i offended against the rules: I am sorry!

Thanks in advance


Hi welcome to the Community!

I will overlook the fact that you have not read the rules… (just yet) :slight_smile:

It sounds like your provider has set you up with a working CMS and some Displays so you are looking for help with getting your content on screens right?

If you have the capacity creating/scheduling and maintaining Campaigns is quite a simple task (once you are familiar with the Xibo software) so if this is something you wanted to explore to do yourself (and become your own in house Xibo-Pro) then we do have lots materials to help you with your journey!

We have online courses available from our Xibo Training School that will walk you through the basics as well as our User Manual and of course many Guides that will take you through step by step.

Of course one of our helpful Community members maybe able to offer their assistance but wanted to give you some options!

Good luck!

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