Looking for new player hardware and TV


After our entire region was completely destroyed by a natural disaster in 2021, we are only on the home stretch towards reopening.

We used Xibo until 2021 and were very satisfied with it.

Now I have to buy all of our company’s hardware again and would be very happy about a few tips!

I need TV and player hardware that can play everything if possible, can turn the TV off and on and uses little power. I have Lan on every player station.

It would be great to get a few tips, unfortunately I’m running out of time to read up on 1000 systems… THANK YOU!

Hi @ABC-nero

Glad to see you in the community.
What region?

For your needs, if you no longer have TV, you can take LG or Samsung in the digital signage series (preference for LG)
You can view the list of compatible screens here:
Tizen (Samsung) Compatibility
webOS (LG) Compatibility

No need additional equipment, ability to turn off and on from Xibo, …
For a new installation, it’s the best way.

However, you must choose the screens according to your needs (display, brightness, size, etc.)

Do you have equipments for the server?


Thanks for the information! We live in the Ahr Valley, which is between Cologne and Koblenz, this is what it looked like here in 2021… LINK

What advantage does LG have over Samsung and do all OS versions have the same options for displaying Xibo content? I probably need 55 inch displays and 1-2 75 or 85 inch devices. Do you have any tips for a 55 inch display in the range of up to 800, - which is good, many models were in the 1500 range and more, that will be rather difficult…

kind regards - Thomas

We also had a lot of flooding in France since 5 years.

LGs feature an integrated web interface, with remote screen control, reboot, and update firmware,… , which Samsung doesn’t have.

Imagine having to go for each Samsung screen, just to change a setting or update firmware…

As we are LG / Samsung reseller, I can say that 55-inch models are under 800. Depending on quantities, prices may be lower.

If necessary, contact me at contact@proserv.fr