Login Power BI report

Do you have an update regarding a way to be able to login into powerBI report on xibo layout ?

Example: Xibo layout is a webpage to
Xibo client ask to login in Microsoft page before showing the report.

I tried to create script or added credentials in IE11 options without any success.

Any idea ?
Thank you.

Hello, can you try using the Power BI embed functionality and embed a link of your dashboard which should resolve your issue of needing credentials:

Hi Natasha,

Thank you for your answer, the issue is not on the url embeded or not.
This is in “sign in” process, embed report still has to login to be viewed.

It was suggested as we have had some customers able to use it with embeds. Have you tried entering the credentials on the Player whilst the sign in button is showing? (not using a script but clicking the button and entering credentials).

If I click, an IE windows opened and I can login into.
But I have several screen on xibo without any keyboard and without any manual interaction.
I am searching a way to login into a specific account automaticaly.

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