Logged out, now layouts, etc. all gone

I’ve been using Xibo for a while, but it stopped working properly on the screens a few months ago, so I upgraded the CMS on the Xibo server. When I ran it again all the layouts had gone (and everything else). I’ve spent a few weeks re-creating it all and now after logging out of the Server and back in, everything has gone again.
How can I get it back?
I tried running docker-compose stop and start, and restarting Docker and it’s just the same. Nothing there.
We are about to order a load of new Android boxes to use the layouts I’d made, so we need it all back.

The server is Windows 10.
Digital Signage for Everyone

Xibo Digital Signage - (https://www.xibo.org.uk/). Version 3.1.4

I can see PNG files I added, but I don’t know where the layouts are stored. Maybe I could re-import them?

Someone else in another school runs the same thing (a slightly later CMS version). He’s just backed up his server, restarted it and now it’s all broken and he can’t even get into the CMS web page at all. I can get into that but it’s all empty.

If we can’t log out or restart the server, this isn’t practical to use.

I have tried resetting the credentials and re-sharing the C drive. No change.
I can see the PNG files and the *.xlf files in \shared\cms\library, which look to be the layouts. I don’t understand why it isn’t seeing them.
I also tried docker-compose up -d, but that made no difference.
I have a backup of the entire c:\xibo directory from an earlier date, but with it being so temperamental I didn’t dare just rename it back then manually copy the shared directory across, as that might make things worse.
Whenever I do a stop and start I always have to restart docker otherwise I get this when trying to login to the CMS page:

“Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn’t happen.
SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Try again”

Sorry you’re having a problem there.

Unfortunately we don’t officially offer any support on Windows for the CMS. You’d be best installing on a Linux server per the supported environments document.

It may be possible to rescue what you have, but if the drive sharing wasn’t correct at the point you created the content then it may never have been written to disk properly. It’s one of the main reasons we don’t suggest running on Windows.

If you want me to take a quick look via TeamViewer and see if what you have can be salvaged then I can do that for you.

Thanks, Alex. I’ll send you a message with the Team Viewer details tomorrow and leave it running for whenever you get chance for a quick look.

It sounds like running a Linux box might be better. Can we run it as a virtual machine? That would be much better than having a physical box for this.

Yes a VM will normally be fine.

The problem was that the install was in c:\XIBO but the OP was starting the containers from c:\xibo - and here case matters.

There was also corruption in the database files where things had been copied around in a prior attempt to fix the first issue. I managed to recover an old backup database and get it running again from that.

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