Lock down browser


this is a feature request to fully lock down the browser on a Windows Player.

Tested on Windows 10 with latest Player version with a Website widget.

If a Touchscreen is connected, the following is possible:

  • Text selection
  • Long-press to simulate right-click which opens the Chromium Context Menu
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Customize User Agent String (for the website to use for media queries)

I know these can be disabled either through the website itself (CSS+JS) or directly in the browser configuration. It would be great to have the option to be able to turn these on or off based on the use case.

Our use case is to show a website that can be navigated through the touchscreen, with no input to be allowed except the menus and links on that specific site.

Thanks for your response!

I am also interested how to prevent a xibo in kiosk mode win10 to pitch-zoom, right-click, minimize the session by swipe down, right-swipe menu. I would like to know how to disable these actions or in XIBO or in OS or in BROWSER itself.
thank you for ideas

I believe most of these issues have been fixed.

Pinch to zoom fixed 22.10.21 WebView: Disable pinch to zoom on core widgets · Issue #228 · xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient · GitHub
Text selection and Long also fixed.

correct, thank you. appreciate your suppory.