Location of Xibo Player for Linux logs

I am running the latest version of Xibo Player for Linux as a test (my Windows Players are giving me headaches) I installed the Xibo Player via snap. Where are the logs located (there is nothing under /var/logs/)

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Bump. I’ve been using the log feature from the CMS to see what the player reports. It sure would be nice to see what’s happening on the on the hardware…

I’m trying to diagnose “Connection Refused” from a Linux Xibo-player, with little success. Information in the forums and elsewhere seems to be minimal.

A static IP conflict was causing my headaches with “Connection Refused” on Linux Clients. Sorted that and everything works great. Note that there is quite a long delay after assigning it a default layout, especially if the layout contains a video. I think this is expected behaviour as it needs to copy the layout from the CMS server to the local library.
Supper tonight, crow. So many (SO MANY) headaches could have been avoided if I didn’t create an IP address conflict. Live and learn.

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