Local webpages not loading

So in our school we have a proxy server to access external websites - after setting it under wifi settings in Android, this works fine with Xibo - external websites load fine, RSS feeds load fine etc.

However, we have an internal webserver - local.schoolname.co.uk which has a few internal screens I want to show on Xibo. I have put “local.schoolname.co.uk” into the proxy exceptions and the page loads on Chrome on the tablet with no issues whatsoever.

However, Xibo just has blank spaces where they should be! The Windows player loads them fine, so my only guess is that while Xibo on Android is using the proxy settings, maybe it’s not picking up the proxy exceptions?

I’ve tried “Open Natively” as well as “Best Fit”. I’ve also tried just doing an embedded widget and sticking an iframe in - the iframe border loads, but again not the local page inside it.

Anyone have any suggestions what else I can do to load these pages? I can’t just stick them on the public internet because they have student names on, so it has to be kept internal only.

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