Local video duration not detected, duration=0 invalid

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CMS Version

3.07 (cloud hosted trial version)

Player Type

Windows 10

Player Version

R302.4 Windows 10


I have a local video file which I am trying to play in a layout, it’s a video file which gets over-written by OneDrive sync once a day but hopefully that doesn’t make a difference as it’s still a local file. My layout advances onto the next after 60 seconds, so I tried setting local video duration to 0 for auto-detect length as advised on other topics, but the CMS won’t take a value of zero and says it’s invalid.

I have just tried on another player with the file manually copied locally and it still advances at 60seconds with the duration not set and won’t allow a setting of zero either so don’t think it’s to do with the OneDrive sync updating the file

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Try setting the default module duration for Local Video to 0 seconds, you can do this from the CMS main menu clicking Modules under the Administration section. Find the Local Video module and use the row menu to edit
Set the Default to 0 here and Save.

Now back in the Layout Designer, untick the ‘Set Duration’ for the Local Video Widget which will now have 0 as the default setting, which should then end detect the duration.

Please do let us know if this is not the case.

Thanks for your reply, it has allowed me to set zero in the defaults for the module & I have set the region to default in the layout designer so it’s let me set it at the CMS end, I haven’t been at work today to check the video is actually playing through as I’ve made the edits in the cloud but fingers crossed it will have worked.

Thanks, the video does now run to the end before the side advances, so setting as a default duration of zero lets me work around this, however I guess there is still a bug in the UI that doesn’t allow a duration of zero to be entered per video which could really do with fixing too.

Thank you for updating us.

The reasoning for not implementing end-detection in the same way as the Video module is if a User added an RTSP stream for example, and did not provide a duration here, it would play forever.

I can certainly open up a discussion with the development team :+1:

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