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not so much an issue as a “how would i do”

i’m using Xibo to create a “welcome” board for our lobby. i’ve got a layout with one zone that is showing a dataset view widget to look at a dataset that our receptionist (or someone else) can fill in with the day’s important visitors. this all works as i expect it to.

however, a request was made that IF there are no visitors for the day in the dataset, that the display would then show some kind of video or presentation instead. the only think i know to do would be to add the video/presentation to the zone and have it flip back and forth between welcoming people and showing the presentation but that’s not what they want. not sure how i’d go about doing this or if it’s even remotely possible.

additionally, is it possible within the data set to have a column that would be “date of visit” and then have the dataset view ONLY show people who are listed as visiting today? that way they can pre-stage the visitors list if we’ve got multiple visits within a given period of time?

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