Loading the Android APK to Firestick

We’re looking to use some 2021 (new model, non 4k version) Firesticks as players. I’m reading of people having good luck with various versions.

Can anyone point me to a ‘as close to idiot as possible’ guide to loading the (non App store) APK onto a ‘fresh’ Firestick - and whether any special other changes need to be made (Screensavers off etc?). Obviously the Fire OS is hiding a lot of the standard Android stuff that we saw on our previous ‘normal’ Android TV boxes (from 7 years ago!!) so its all a litle confusing… for me at least!

Thanks in advance.

Answering myself - it’s really quite easy. You use ‘Android SDK ADB’ running on a PC to download the Android app from your PC to the Firestick over wifi - having downloaded the Android app file to the PC first.

Good generic guide here … https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/05/12/how-to-sideload-any-application-to-an-amazon-fire-tv/

Hi nashenden. Thank you for posting a link and some tips on how to install an APK onto a Firestick, I’m sure this will help many users who may be looking to test Xibo on the Firestick.

Many Thanks.

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Further small update - running a simple layout it’s working fine 24/7, even deliberate attempts to **ck it up like just pulling the power dont confuse it - does a nice clean restart. The Amazon boot sequence is still visible so its not fully ‘white label’ but does a good job at a good price!

on my side , firestick never stop saying the remote is missing lol

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