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Xibo for Android v3 R300


I’ve been playing around with Xibo for a few weeks now. I have one of an intended 4 or so screens running with content just by playing around and I’m really impressed.
I have a couple of datasets being populated from APIs. A couple of these will be being displayed in charts so that will be fine but I’d like to use the data from one of them inside a block of text. Is there a way to call data from a row into text such as the way the data or time is able to be called with “Snippets” in the text editor?

Hello and welcome to the Community!

That’s great to hear! There are quite a few Widgets that work with DataSets, DataSet Ticker being one which will allow you to pull in data to display as a block of text which you can optionally set effects or leave as static.

Do let us know if this provides a solution for you :+1:

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Oh absolutely brilliant! Damn I love this system.
Still a bunch of work to do on the design but success in getting data where I need it.
Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 20-55-05 Layout Designer Xibo Digital Signage

Thank you SO much!

No problem, that’s what the community is for :slight_smile:

If you havent already, then do take a look at the DataSet View widget also as this allows for data to be displayed in a tabular format.

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