Loading a layout with many regions takes a long time

Since version 3.1 the loading of the layout if we are using many regions takes a long time, and it loads after every time we hide the timeline, or clicks on the widget menu. Any plans to improve this?

How many regions do you have?

We have made some extensive changes in v4 which you’re welcome to beta test and give your feedback on by requesting to join the private beta: Beta testers - Xibo Community

Hey hey Dan, I have 6 regions, so every time I slide the widgets menu or timeline menu highlighted, the regions will always have to load again and it takes around 10 seconds to completely load all the regions.
Sure i will join the beta :wink: thanks!

We don’t reload regions to resize them anymore in v4, so that will certainly be solved. Editing your layout should be a better experience in general too, so we’re interested to get your feedback!

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