Live TV input on Xibo

Dear All,

i see no finish discussion how to put Live Tv on Xibo player…CMIW

Does anybody can explain how to do it?


i’m using avertv media as a tv tuner

How ypu connect the avermedia with xibox CMS?

Hi HUMBERTO_CABRERA. It may be that the user was mentioning that they want to use an avermedia tuner with their Xibo setup rather than that they were able to do so…

Xibo supports HLS and RTSP (Android and webOS Players Only) streams. Depending on the version of the Xibo Player you are using, you could convert the TV signal to HLS or RTSP using an encoder. You can then use the appropriate Widget to receive the stream. I have included links to the documentation below:

Please note that if you plan to stream live TV into your Xibo setup, you should always make sure you have the permission of the broadcaster to use the live signal in your signage. Some broadcasters, for example BBC have strict terms of use and may even require you have a License to watch the content.

Many Thanks.