Live Tutorials not up-to-date?

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3.3 downloaded yesterday*

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In the CMS live-tutorial, when you reach the step where it’s time to add a widget to a modified layout, it says you should click the Widget Menu at the bottom of the screen.

The widget menu is not at the bottom of the screen, it’s on the left rail. Did it move, and the tutorial didn’t get updated?

Separately, the tutorial seems to have taken me down a couple other dead ends on the way to there, where I could not follow it’s next step, and there was no way around it, either because there was no “Continue” button, or because the tutorial popups disappeared entirely, at least once with the entire screen greyed out.

[ * I see no way in the CMS control panel to determine the exact version number; where am I supposed to look for that? ]

In a related story, when I then follow the steps to drag in a text widget, and add text to it, the tutorial stalls, with no [Next] button, and no way to proceed which is discernable; the X-to-quit-tour button is the only visible control, and clearly, I shouldn’t want (or be forced to) quit the tutorial there.

The underlying theme here seems to be that the tutorial steps are often programmed to expect to get their “Continue” command from the user doing something in the app, but they don’t, and since that’s the only way to proceed, said user is – the technical term is “stuck” at that point.

I am in, though you didn’t ask, a current FF/64.

As can be seen in that screenshot, since the tutorial still has control, the Save button is masked out and cannot be clicked, and I’m stuck, even though I’ve clicked that edit icon, and added text.

Thanks for letting us know, i’ve written up an issue to have it looked at:

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