Live stream Android player


I was just wondering if something like this would be do-able for the future? Or if I’m missing something currently built in.

Instead of having to request a screenshot when I need to see if a display is functioning properly, it would be handy to have a “Live Steam”, of sorts, button which would essentially preview what the display is outputting, if that makes sense? Or something that updates XX number of frames per second.

Many thanks!

You can have the Players send in regular screenshots (so you don’t have to request them automatically). That’s still really only going to get you a screen grab every few minutes.

If you want a live view, then TeamViewer would be my recommendation for remote viewing and control of Android devices.

Thanks for the reply Alex, I think it’s just me being lazy to be honest haha.

Might give the TeamViewer option a go and see how that works.


Also check out AirDroid.
I just requested a trial of their new Business version, but I’ve used the individual one to manage a client at a remote site and it works great! you can install a desktop app on your computer for easy management.

I’ll have a look a that as well, thanks!



I can’t get team viewer to work when the xibo software starts, I only see black screen. Any ideas?
I’ve tried all versions of team viewer 11,12 and 13 with the same results.

I’ve not seen that myself. We tend to install TeamViewer 12 as 13 is fairly new still, and that seems to capture Xibo’s output, except where you’re showing video.

When you’re showing video, you need to ensure you aren’t using Surface View (see the setting in the Display Settings Profile). TeamViewer can then see that output.

Not all devices support Texture View (the view used when Surface View is off), and so you’ll need to ensure compatibility with your hardware.

Thank you very much, you’ve saved my life, it worked really :slight_smile:
I’ve disable “Use a SurfaceView for Video Rendering?” on profile/troubleshooting as you said and boom, it worked. Thank you once again :slight_smile:

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